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Empowering and Inspiring Transformation on a Personal Level.

Sisterenity Coaching is a Holistic Life Coaching service run by two dynamic Queensland sisters who have extensive experience and a real passion for helping people.

Rosi and Shari believe that everyone has the right – and the ability – to grow and transform into anything they dream to be! Imagine how your life would be if you could have everything you ever wished for? This may be an abundant income, great health and fitness, loving relationships, an enjoyable working environment, to become your own boss or to simply enhance the life you already have and love. This is all completely achievable – we are living proof!

We truly believe that coaching can help you because we recognise patterns of behaviour and boundaries that may be limiting you. We have tried and tested ways of shifting your thinking, growing your confidence and tapping into your success barriers – enabling you to finally live the life that you deserve! Let’s connect on a consult call – your new life awaits you!

Life Coaching Services

Our holistic approach ensures we are creating a harmonious balance between the physical, emotional, social, spiritual and mental aspects of your life. A problem in one area may stem from several others, so addressing them collectively will get you better results, for LIFE not just for NOW.

Other Certified Services

We also offer Reiki healing, Art therapy, Meditation, Aromatherapy, Crystal healing, Sound healing and more.

Our Courses

Wisdom Energy - Learn about the energy around you and how to use it to improve you and your world!

Success Stories

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you, your assistance in healing my past trauma which I thought I had dealt with has led me to refresh and see things differently.... Through our sessions with your profound wisdom and sense of knowing you helped me to change my subconscious to assist me be a better person and be in the flow creating all my desired goals and ambitions more effectively.
Sharon has a wonderful way of making anyone she meets feel completely at ease. From the moment you enter her workroom, the feeling of peace and calm is overwhelming. her focus is on making the client feel comfortable, all the while encouraging the client to open up and share.
I have worked with this wise and compassionate lady on many occasions and she has never failed to put me at ease and provide a safe space for me. She accepts me exactly as I show up, and loves me and all others without reservation or judgement. Sharon’s enthusiasm and passion for all that Energy healing is, shows through as she embraces and deftly uses a multitude of modalities to help identify blocks and issues that I have around my physical and energetic body.

Do it now, you deserve it!

Find the changes you require to move from where you are to where you want to be by working with all areas of your life.