About Us

About Us

Our health care background has a heartfelt intention of clearing blockages to prevent or heal diseases and support families with disabilities.

Meet Rosilyn

Rosilyn has a long history in health as a registered nurse in many different fields over 35years and holds a deep passion to help people to help themselves and heal their own mind and body through transformation.

She has seen the miracle of healing in those that have true self-belief and the tragedy of death in those that no longer believed they could live.

She has had her own tragedies of personal loss and overcome it through coaching and has been instrumental in helping others to change their lives in many ways.

Whether it is weight loss, career changes, grief support, and goal setting, finding your soul mate or saving the relationship you are in; Rosi has the belief that everyone has the innate ability to transform their own lives when given the tools and support that work.

That’s why she is a life coach, author and speaker and passionate about the journey she is on.

Meet Sharon

Sharon is passionate about helping individuals, groups and communities to raise their awareness and produce long lasting positive changes. 

She has been involved in the disabled community for the last thirty years and understands the challenges and trials that come up on a daily basis.

Sharon is excited to have tools and solutions to share with everyone who needs balance, healing, personal or professional success or simply want to be happy and fulfilled in their lives.   

Self Love. Grief Support. Healing From Within.

Sharon and Rosilyn believe that coaching can help everyone because true change comes from within….all you need is someone to show you how to access it for yourself.  

Someone to support you while you embark on a new journey to achieve all those dreams you truly believe you deserve.

Why do they believe this?

Because they have done it for themselves and now have their own business and are doing the things they love….helping people to find their own passion and purpose and start living a life they love!

We have your best interests at heart.

We have the skills that can help you. We can make a difference to your life.