One on One Coaching Personal Coaching

Wanting change in your life and not sure what that looks like or where to start? ​ We offer individual hourly sessions that allows you to explore and transform the area of life coaching with minimal commitment, so you can sample what is on offer and develop rapport with your coach. This is a great way to “dip your toes into the water” to see if this is for you and may be useful for releasing phobias and irrational fears.

Couples Coaching, Romance and Passion – 12 x 1hr sessions

How is your relationship going? Are you still talking about the important things or just exchanging data? Do you know your partners love language? ​ We help you to find those special reasons why you are a couple in the first place and find those things that sabotage the intimacy and joy of your relationship. We offer package deals for couples wanting to rekindle their relationship, work through a betrayal or just take it to the next level. 5 hourly sessions each as individuals and 2 hourly sessions at the end as a couple.

Personal Growth and Transformation Coaching – 7 x 1hr sessions package

Wanting to find out why you never achieve your goals? How some areas of your life flow easily and others don’t? Why you can’t lose weight or maintain an exercise regime? There are many areas of your life that you can explore and transform easily and effortlessly through coaching. We offer a structured coaching approach that allows you to move through the five main areas of your life and assess where you are right now and where you want to be. Then we coach you to find the blocks, limitations and reasons behind your present state of mind or health.

Career/ Goal Setting Coaching - 7 x 1hr sessions

Want to be more successful in your present career or are you still dreaming about that great idea you want to become a business? Wondering why you never get past a certain point on the career ladder? We help you explore what it is you are really looking for, what your passion and purpose looks like and how to transform your career into becoming abundant in whatever it is you are seeking.

Passion and Purpose - 5 x 1hr sessions

What is your passion and do you know your purpose in this life? Through structured coaching sessions we help you discover what your passion is and are you on purpose. We assist you to find the archetypal sequence that will make all your endeavours successful no matter what part of your life it is relating to, allowing true transformation to occur.


Coaching – In person, phone, Facetime/Zoom available

Individual Life Coaching
Initial Session – 30 minutes – free ($60 worth)
Single Sessions – 90 minutes – $180
5 Sessions – 90 minutes each – $850
10 sessions – 90 minutes each – $1600
Monthly – 2 sessions – 90minutes each – $280/month ongoing, your choice to stop at anytime

Couple Life Coaching
Initial Session – 50 minutes – free ($90 worth)
Single Sessions – 120 minutes – $270
5 Sessions – 120 minutes each – $1275
10 sessions – 120 minutes each – $2400
Monthly – 2 sessions – 120minutes each – $420/month ongoing, your choice to stop at anytime

Aromatherapy Energy Healing (In person only)
Hands on healing with Essential oils and Reiki
30-minute session – $60

Energy Healing (In person only)
Hands on healing – Reiki, crystals, sound healing
45-minute session – $65
60-minute session – $85